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About Play Healing

Debi is a musician and therapist with over 20 years of experience working with children and young people in a professional role. As the mum of a tween and a teenager, she is passionate about sharing some of the knowledge she has gained about connecting deeply with children in a fast paced digital world.



Family Coaching

Debi combines her therapeutic training and coaching skills to tailor sessions to enable you to grow as a parent and explore ways to connect with your child in a deeper way. When our children feel safe and we learn to attune to their needs they will thrive. Debi models new ways of playing and interacting with your child and offers parents the chance to explore their own emotional triggers & areas for growth.

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Creative Connection Subscription

Debi will be holding private, online, practical workshops with parents who want to form stronger attachments with their children. Subscription opening soon.

Educational Workshops

Debi will be holding Workshops at some of the finest locations in Wiltshire and beyond. Subscribe to be the first to hear about upcoming events.

Public Speaking

Debi loves to engage her audience and draws from her teaching and creative background to inspire and empower parents from all walks of life to connect in a deeper and powerful way with their children. She’d love to hear from you if you have an event that you think would fit in with Play Healings ethos.



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What People Say

“Debi is fun and engaging to work with. I feel empowered and encouraged.” (Tracey)

“Debi is a breath of fresh air and helped us to think outside the box. She helped us create a new framework tailored to our family … I feel so much closer to my children now.” (Tom)

“When we were struggling with our son’s behaviour, who has ASD, Debi introduced me to new ways of connecting and calming him (and myself) down. I have hope again.” (Jane)

[Names have been changed to protect confidentiality]

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