Mastermind: Managing Tech for Emotional Health

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Welcome to the MANAGING TECH FOR EMOTIONAL HEALTH Mastermind - helping parents prevent screen addiction thorough the power of PLAY.

Did you know that: 1 in 7 children aged 11-18 have been asked to send self-generated images & sexual images. (NSPCC, 2019)


Only 22% of children who were upset by something they had seen online talked with someone face-to-face about it. (Ball & Vernon, 2014)

Every day that goes by without a clear, intentional approach to tech means we could be endangering our children and missing hours of healthy connection - especially as children aged 11-15 spend an average of 15 hours a week online. (NSPCC, 2019)

Investing in our children emotionally means using their language - the language of play. Through play, children feel safer and are more likely to share with you if something scary or potentially damaging has happened online.

We also know that too much screen-time can cause behavioural issues, poor sleep and reduced academic attainment. It can affect concentration levels, increase loneliness, affect self-esteem and increase anxiety and depression.

Is it time to invest in the emotional health of your children when it comes to tech?

As parents, we set the tone. 

Our tech habits sow into theirs. 

Our stress levels affect theirs.

This online Mastermind consists of:

  • Over 4 Hours of Easy to digest video content you can access at a time that suits you.

  • A small, supportive, private Facebook community. 

  • Supporting materials with simple suggestions of activities and games.

  • 4 Live chats / Q&A and the option of a 1-1 coaching session to discuss any specific issues that have come up.

  • The option of collaborating on a personalised Family Framework that will be framed and posted to you before Christmas.

This Play Healing Mastermind will:

  • Save you time scrolling through research and scary headlines. 

  • Give you creative ideas on how to introduce new routines and rhythms with ease.

  • Provide you with a safe community of like-minded committed parents who care.

  • Explain how and why it’s important to disconnect from tech to reconnect with your children through PLAY.

Debi will be drawing from her experience with leading professionals from CEOP, NSPCC, e-sports Gaming Champions, National Crime Agency, Police, IT Experts, Headteachers, Therapists and more.

The programme is broken down into 4 modules covering all of the basics of managing tech for emotional health including:

1) Looking at digital trends and research behind screen-time and its effect on the brain.

2) Learning practical, playful ways of connecting deeply with our children incorporating Play Therapy techniques and evidence based work.

3) Finding your balance with screen-time and gaming in the family home.

4) Family framework - building a framework that works for you that will last.


Your Ticket to enter the Private Mastermind: ONLY £33 (Worth £397)

  • Access to all the Private Facebook Page 

  • Access to all original, beautifully presented handouts to keep forever.

  • Access to over 4 hours of live and Pre-recorded footage

  • Access to the weekly Live Q&A Power Hour.

  • Access to Debi’s own personal Family Frameworks to draw from.

Backstage Pass (Best Value) : £99 (Worth of £647)

Everything in the Basic Ticket package PLUS:

  • 1-1 coaching session pass to redeem in November.

  • Debi will then create a digital personalised Framed A4 design of your unique Family Framework to use in the family home sent to you after your session ready in time for Christmas.

What if I need extra support after the programme?

1-1 Coaching is available online or Face-to-face at the cost of £90/ session. 

Coaching packages are also available.

Admission onto this mastermind ends on Friday 18th October 

Course Start date:  27th October

All course material will be spread over the 14-DAY Intensive between 27th Oct - 10th November 2019.

1-1 Coaching Slots for Backstage Pass members will be booked during the course in November and Personalised Family Frameworks will be designed and sent out by 10th December in the post.

Debi John:

Understands how to raise creative, confident children and is a parent of two girls aged 13 and 11 and the eldest of 6 kids. She holds a Post Graduate in Therapeutic Play and Theraplay Level 1 training. She coaches parents on how to connect with their children through play.

Understands the mindfield of the digital world that surrounds our kids after 20 Years in Education (Teaching, Head of Department, Running Workshops, Training staff, Mentoring, Intervention, Pupil Support).

Has extensive experience speaking & performing in front of large audiences.

How to Contact

If you have any further questions please feel free to email: or message her through Facebook Messenger.